Do You Meme Me?

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Distracted boyfriend looks over his shoulder at a passing woman. Meanwhile, he is holding hands with his girlfriend who looks at him with disgust.   The passing woman is labelled "new photoshoots", the distracted boyfriend is labelled "me", and the jealous girlfriend is labeled "sorting, posting, and archiving my thousands of images".
A meme I made for Mini Assignment No. 1.

This is pretty much my constant state of mind! Why do I always find it so much easier to write about photography rather than post my own creations? Alas, this is why I’m enrolled in this course: Over the coming weeks, my hope is to gradually integrate posts about my own photography. It is time I get over this inexplicable hesitation.

That said, I think part of my hesitation stems from burnout. This prompted me to write a whole other blog post about one of the causes of burnout. Have a look if you’re curious!

*Note: At Ellen’s suggestion, I’ve made this as a new post separate from the one linked above.

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