As human beings, we are always changing.

Each of us live as far more than what we have achieved:

We are defined as much by our aspirations as by our pasts.

This digital space was created with the above in mind.

       In that spirit, here, you will find a variety of posts ranging from informative to personal, opinion to ideation. On the whole, this configuration is not unlike a notebook. As a result, although you can expect to see my portfolio imagery, there will also be plenty of asides in the forms of writing, linking, and reviewing; none of which should be taken too seriously. Each post is only a stepping stone towards the next idea.
   I put forth this assortment of content because I believe, as a creator, that I have a responsibility to reach outwards with just as much energy as I pull towards exploring my own impulses. In an era of uniformed branding and declarative persuasion, I’ve always hesitated to put my own thoughts into the digital ether since my interests tend to develop in overlapping clusters. 

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