Fixing Frayed Nylon

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Hack to Fix Frayed Nylon

Fellow crafters – take note! Fire and clothing – not supposed to mix, right? Prepare to be shocked. I have a very old Nylon yoga mat bag that started to fray and recently fully ripped at the bottom. The fabric is thick and plastic-y so I was lost wondering how to mend it. If I used my regular thread and needle, whatever fix I made would immediately fray again. The thread would just pull at the damaged edges while I used it until it ripped again, now an even bigger hole.

When I reached out to a friend who sews, she suggested I use a lighter to seal the edges. A lighter! While I had full faith in her knowledge, it took me a while to come around to the idea because I was certain it would end up lighting my bag on fire. She came over to show me and it worked like magic. I now have a fully functional bag with not so much as an eyebrow singed off.


Cut Off Loose Ends

When things fray, there are often long strands still hanging on. Before using your lighter to seal the remaining edge, trim these long threads. They will only burn and not help to fix the problem.

Clear Away any Flammable Items (Generally all items)
Never forget that you are still working with a live flame. I worked on my floor so I could be far away from the rest of my supplies and have plenty of space to work.

Bring the Lighter NEXT to the Edge
Never forget that you are still working with a live flame. It does not take much heat to melt the threads back together, so bringing the lighter right up to the edge will produce enough heat to get the job done without lighting the fabric on fire. If you do light it on fire a bit, it will not burn with speed so you have plenty to blow it out and continue on.

Sew it up like normal!

Now you have an unfrayed edge you can re-attach to itself without fear that it will inevitably fall apart. An equally strange as fire suggestion is to use dental floss as thread! This won’t look especially subtle or sleek but it will be durable and get along with the rest of the fabric.


Hand under frayed fabric edge showing the fray

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