CUSTOM: Check Out Digital Colourization Used on Vintage Pictures

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Have a look at how historical images can be enlivened through my special digital colourization technique.

Tablet drawn final image of Hurston drumming in blue shirt

I am so eager to share a favourite technique to use with all kinds of vintage photographs. Using some thoughtful colour and expressive brushes, these old images can be transformed.

This technique is perfect if you’re seeking to create decorative or promotional material but need to use found images. (You can think, for example, of a poster of historical figures.) I have also been commissioned by families to create this effect with vintage family photos: it is an awesome way to add some vitality to old photos of loved ones. This style of artwork can be printed on large canvases to hang in your living room, for example.

So whether you’re working with family photos or historical images under creative commons, consider this a great option available to you:

To get your own version of these images, simply contact me!

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