Marketing Basics for Digital Creators

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The internet provides a platform to any person who wants one, which is great for people like you or I. We can share and be in control of that sharing more than ever before. At the same time however, we are also exposed to ten times the amount of information than ever before. Teaching yourself using the internet is incredibly accessible…but isn’t necessarily easy when you have to filter through a lot of noise. I am sharing with you what has helped me so you can learn faster!

Creating a ‘Brand’

Branding Canvas

Free online worksheet to help you brainstorm and establish your brand

Helps guide your thinking to see your ‘brand’ not simply as a colour scheme

Print it out, put it on your wall, and have some fun with post-its!

What are the 12 brand Archetypes?

Article goes through 12 Archetypes – universal collective patterns of consciousness

Useful if stuck wondering where to start or uncertain about what your ‘identity’ is

Brand the Change by Anna Miltenberg

Guides a person through the process of creating a brand with worksheets, case studies and easy to use reference material.

Useful if you want a singular, all-in-one reference guide.

What Is a Style Guide and How to Create One For Your Brand? 

LinkedIn Learning: Branding Foundations

Hour long course on how to define core values, link them to brand, and communicate effectively

Making Graphics at Home

4 Logo Variations Every Brand Identity Needs:

Free design apps:





Adobe Spark


How to design a podcast cover: the ultimate guide:

Accessing Photos:
Check out THIS blog post I made outlining creative uses of copyright-free imagery.


Flickr (with filtered settings)


Paid Content Sites

Sites you can sell merchandise or have subscribers pay you directly for your content


One of the most popular paid content sites, enables different tiers of cost and access


Site for creating and selling merchandise – you create the design, they put it on items (and provide a digital space to sell them)


Site to receive donations and subscriptions from fans

General Purpose

Information Doesn’t Want to be Free, Cory Doctrow

Short, easy to read book about Copyright, the internet, and digital creators

See my review!

This is Marketing, Seth Godin

Plain language guide to contemporary marketing concepts and strategies

Includes index, further reading recommendations, and case studies

Available at VPL as ebook, audiobook, and print copy (658.8 G58t)

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